Collectible Vintage is an ultimate stop if you are a passionate collector of ANTIQUES. Dealing in number of varied Indian antiques and Collectibles items, Collectible Vintage is one of the established International Antiques and Collectible Dealer in India. Visit our antique shop for buying what you love.

Antiques from India are as varied as the people here. Art in India is as old as the civilization itself. It has evolved over millions of years, telling us stories of religious and political influences.  That’s why our Indian objects include Hindu, Islamic and colonial sensibilities, to name but a very few. Exquisite Mughal Miniature paintings, Bronze figures, Jewellery worn by Maharajas, each are a slice of different period of Indian History.

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Founder of CollectibleVintageIn today’s world, everything that is old can be described as an antiques but that’s not really true. The product is considered to be an antique if it is over a hundred years old or is rare enough to have some value. An antique is something collectible. It may be a piece of antique furniture, or a piece of antique pottery, cupboard, clock, car, anything. The items must be rare enough to be considered an antique. So here we are: Dealing in most rare and exclusive antiques, COLLECTIBLE VINTAGE. Founded by Mr. Gajendra Parmar, COLLECTIBLE VINTAGE is successfully serving Indian rare collectibles and antiques item to worldwide. Mr. Gajendra Parmar originally from Balotra, Rajasthan started COLLECTIBLE VINTAGE in Jodhpur, Rajasthan as a result of his love for Indian antiques. According to him, “To me the absolutely intriguing quality about an antique artifact, furniture or jewellery is the Story behind it. And of course the amazing craftsmanship! In a constantly changing world with advanced technology in every sphere of life, the craftsmen and artist of the past, who so painstakingly handmade extraordinary decorative and everyday objects, should really hold a special place of respect in our homes.”


With an assemblage of varied products under one roof, COLLECTIBLE VINTAGE is an ultimate window for those who are passionate collectors or antiquers. Here you will discover an extensive collection of rare and unique antiques including Vintage Brass Iron Betel nut cutter, Vintage Advertising Tin box, Vintage Lighting lamp lantern & Accessory, Vintage Brass Bronze Copper Islamic Hinduism art wares, Vintage lithograph print & Black & white Photograph, Vintage porcelain, Vintage Glass Tin Whisky tobacco tray Bottle ash tray and so much more !

Most people have a common misconception about an antique: the older they look, the more antique they must be. But very few know that appearance has nothing to do with it; just because a piece looks like it came out of grandma’s attic does not necessarily mean that it’s an antique. COLLECTIBLE VINTAGE assures that what their customers buy from them will escalate in value as time goes by and avoid these types of fraud. One important principle that we keep in mind when customer collects an antique from us: The first is to provide every possible information about the antique and second is to deliver them at the lowest possible prices because our ultimate goal is customers satisfaction and enjoyment, but at the same time you will be assured that your investment will appreciate in value. Our main focus is Indian art should not remain undervalued or little appreciated. We buy our antiques from more organised avenue so that the background research of an antique is done and its authenticity is established to the satisfaction of the customers.  At our shop the prices are fixed based on the rarity, historical significance, physical condition and other such factors. Our main goal is to deliver Quality over Quantity. We believe transparency in transactions. Assure fast shipping and easy returns.


Along with the selling of an Indian Antiques, COLLECTIBLE VINTAGE is also helping those people whose artwork is mind-blowing but is unable to make money with it. COLLECTIBLE VINTAGE is giving such artists a proper platform to showcase their talent but only on one condition that the artwork should be purely handmade and exclusive and it should include Indian traditions and values.

Tobacco Box by Collectible VintagePeacock Bird Figure Oil LampFloral Carving Axes Head Axes By Collectible Vintage Indiaantique-indian-king-oil-painting-by-collectible-vintage04







Antiques lend a rustic feeling to your home. We suggest when buying antiques, always make sure that it solves your modern day purpose as well. There are various ways to decorate your homes with antiques.

In symmetry – Decorate your home in symmetry, it will not only make your home look beautiful but it also adds quantity to your décor pieces. For example – we always sell a figurine in pairs to give the look of symmetry to your place.
Pick Randomly – It’s not important to think out-of-the-box while picking something vintage but rather something that’s bought just spontaneously.
Choose according to your room colour – Just like you would pick any décor items according to to the colour of your room or curtains – similarly when choosing antique pieces for your home, always remember to consider hues before you buy anything.
So spice up your home with some vintage artifact, bringing some of this glorious history into your present. And COLLECTIBLE VINTAGE promises you, you will love to grow and treasure these few, carefully sourced pieces and will proudly hand down to your next generation.